Fittin Construction, LLC

Mr. Thomas J. Fittin, III is 43 years of age and is an Inventor, Investor, Business Owner, Entrepreneur and General Manager of Fittin Construction, LLC. At the young age of 21, while attending Monmouth University, Mr. Fittin purchased (with no money down) and managed a 50 unit Hotel/Restaurant and Bar in Toms River. Once the Bar/Hotel was sold seven years later for a profit, He moved on and managed a diesel engine distributorship (owned by an acquaintance) where he increased sales four times by selling generators online. Mr. Fittin then moved to Mongomery County, Md honing his construction knowledge and skills there for 3 years, before 9/11 and the Md Sniper chased him south. In Ft Lauderdale, Tom purchased an auto repair facility in Pompano Beach and later sold it for three times the purchase price. All while rehabbing/flipping properties during the real estate "boom". After the birth of his oldest daughter, plans changed to head back home to be by family. Back in New Jersey, in 2005, he has continued managing sales and marketing and day to day operations, while maintaining and operating a “Design/Build” sales and consultation organization for numerous general contractors’ operations across the east coast. Bringing average yearly sales from $1 million to anywhere from $3.7- $18 million per year. Mr. Fittin also partnered and started a liquidation business (bringing in all Costco returns from Va. to NY and retailing them out of a 130,000 sq ft commercial building.) Mr. Fittin also liquidated many businesses for others, from marinas to large construction companies, and so on. In addition, over the course of his career, he successfully renovated and managed income-producing properties, partnered in obtaining commercial properties for various businesses, and contracted residential renovations, green retrofits, and sales of numerous residential and commercial properties. He has also partnered with nonprofit organizations, and raised millions in donations for organizations serving infants to teens (Madonna House in Neptune, NJ and several other worthy organizations) through a nationwide network of automobile donation programs. Personally, he has also designed and sold over $25 million of Remodeling (both commercial and residential), with two company appearances on HGTV (House Rules and Dear Genevieve). Mr. Fittin brings years of business knowledge and experience to the table, coupled with an extremely diversified group of contacts (both family and business associates). Given the proper opportunities, Mr. Fittin will prove to be a vital link between any client's home improvement wishes to come to fruition.

"In continous honor of my Grandfather, Thomas Fittin, Sr.

He established Fittin Masonry 1942 in West Orange, NJ. All work performed by Fittin Construction, whether masonry, roofing, siding, kitchen, basement or bath renovations, to final trim, is done with the same pride of workmanship, quality craftmanship coupled with a great work ethic, at a fair price."


08742, United States
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